Tiffany Yancey 

Screenwriter, Producer & Actress🎬

Tiffany Yancey is a native of the Philadelphia suburbs and a 1997 graduate of Temple University with a B.A. in Communications. She started on her journey in the film industry as an actress almost 20 years ago after relocating to the Washington, D.C. area. In 2003 she was working her day job as an Advertising Sales Rep for the Washington Post and honing her theatrical skills at night. She began studying with notable Howard University acting teacher Vera Katz, who also taught prominent actors and Howard alumni, Taraji P. Henson, Isaiah Washington and Phylicia Rashad. Afterwards she began performing in numerous stage, commercial and independent film productions throughout the metropolitan area.

She took a break from pursuing acting for a few years when she gave birth to her beautiful daughter Tori Elaina in 2007.  Once her daughter became school age, she decided to jump back into the industry while continuing to work her 9 to 5 as a Marketing Sales rep. She booked the lead role for the indie film “Split Second” which garnered her  “Best Supporting Actress” award at the EOTM (Entrepreneurs On The Move) in 2013 out in L.A. 

In 2014 she added filmmaker to her resume when she took a leap of faith and started her production company, now currently A.T. Yancey Entertainment. She wrote, produced and starred in her hilarious first film “Love Him Or Leave Him.” It received the “Best Comedic Feature” award at the Urban Media Film Makers Festival in 2015 and “Best Score” at the Philadelphia Film Awards in 2016.  In 2014 she also booked the lead role for the ID Channel’s “House of Horrors – Kidnapped”.  A dramatic story about domestic abuse survivor Laura Cowan who was held hostage by her husband and locked in a garage for six months with her two children.  This was the most challenging role of her career thus far but was extremely grateful to play such a courageous survivor.  

After this experience, Tiffany decided to shift her goal to create more stories about black women from all walks of life. In 2015 she began studying advanced screenwriting with Yale Professor, Marc Lapadula to sharpen her storytelling skills.  She wrote her next script “Chasing the Butterflies”, a story about a womanizing father who’s bad karma curses his daughter’s love life.  She connected with mega book publisher, Tressa Azarel in 2016 who had began adapting her best selling books into films with her new production company, Mega Mind Media. Tiffany came aboard as the Casting Associate for her two of her films, “Secrets” and “All In.” She joined Tressa’s VIP club in 2017 when she pitched the script and Tressa loved it. They began shopping it to various networks only to be rejected numerous times.  During that process Tiffany became the Assistant Director for the comedy series, “Uproar” produced by DC based production company, Commodore Independent Filmworks in 2018.

In 2019 Tressa and Tiffany agreed to rewrite “Chasing The Butterflies” into a Christmas comedy called “Holiday Heartbreak”.  The networks loved it and the rest is history. The film aired on BET in December 2020 and received rave reviews. It was recognized as “Movie of The Week” by the iconic publication, Ebony magazine.  

In 2020, Tiffany also completed her comedy TV pilot, “The Introvert Life.” which she is currently submitting to film festivals and various streaming platforms.  Her latest script, “That’s Her” will be produced by Kountry Wayne Entertainment in the spring of 2021.  She’ll also be producing and starring in the relationship drama mini-series, “Perfect.” Coming spring 2021 as well.    

Tiffany’s overall vision and purpose is to create unique and dynamic stories for women of color in the TV and film industry.  Dream. Plan. Execute.